Studio WR.O

I support product brands with artistic applied photography.

I style, crop and stimulate your imagination.

Unique photographic campaigns.
Shots which will draw attention to your service as well as products.

Artistic image sessions.
Artistic creation you feel credible and comfortable.

Professional products shots.
Equipment, capability to present the details and the light so that your products will speak for themselves.

I organise professional sessions [shoots] of business portraits for firms, corporations, public institutions and business press.
I photograph architecture and interior [decorations] for architects, hotel owners, developers and investors. I also take photos of culinary sessions for restaurants, cafes, bistros, culinary magazines and bloggers.
I style dishes and take shoots of dishes for menus, offer photo sessions for chefs, managers and the hotels’ staff.
My offer also includes product brands photography.

Who AM I.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava, Prague in Czechia.

I accomplish tasks and commissions given by big supermarkets, corporations and restaurants and have gained experience in work for advertising agencies as well as with individual clients.

I have a long-time experience in work as an advertising photographer which has helped me to develop a recognizable style in which I combine artful breaking down of patterns with technical artistry and frame elegance [charm].

I offer expressive portrait, product and culinary photography.

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