Studio WR.O

We support product brands by artistic applied photography.
We are a duo of photographers.
We style, crop and stimulate your imagination. 

Unique photographic campaigns.
Shots which will draw attention to your service as well as products.

Artistic image sessions.
Artistic creation you feel credible and comfortable.

Professional products shots.
Equipment, capability to present the details and the light so that your products will speak for themselves.

Who we are.

Bartosz Wrotniak  and Krzysiek Orłowski
– we have created WR.O studio and work in Wrocław, the Polish capital of Sun. 

We are graduates of the Institute of Creative Photography, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, of Silesian University in Opava, Czechia, and we have been collaborating for twelve years. 

We receive commissions and work for big supermarkets chains, corporations, and restaurants. 

We have a lot of work experience in advertising agencies and in serving private customers. 

We don’t guard our professional expertise, on the contrary, we share it by lecturing and running workshops in the Wrocław School of Photography. 

A long-time cooperation and friendship have contributed to developing a recognisable style which combines  creative breaking down of patterns and artistic imaginativeness of Krzysztof with technical artistry and elegance style of Bartosz’ shots. 

We offer expressive portraits, product, and culinary photography because we like watching how our works enhance the message and the identity of the brands. 

We do believe that the language of message strengthens the meaning and the impact to the power. 

We worked for